CalTrap Level 1 Issue Triage

Device Information
  1. What is the model of the device?
  2. What is the iOS version of the device?
  3. How much memory does the device currently have and what is the maximum capacity it can store?
User Information
  1. Which user is having issues?
  2. What is the user’s permission level? (Role)
  3. How many people is the error effecting? (Multiple should be tested)
  4. Does the user get the same errors using a different device?
      • Different route?
      • Different vehicle?
  5. Can another user reproduce the same errors?
Connection Information
  1. What is the connection type?
  2. What is the connection speed?
  3. Is the error occurring offline, online, or both?
Data Information
  1. Which route is giving the error?
  2. What is the size of the route? (Grids width x Grids height)
  3. What vehicle is being used?
  4. What tool(s) are the errors occurring in?
  5. Can the error be consistently replicated?
Troubleshooting Information for VertiGIS
  1. If the error(s) can be replicated, VertiGIS will require permission to:
    • Assign the route in question OR a location on the map where we can create a test route.
    • Assign a vehicle to the VertiGIS user.
    • The ability to create or modify data within the designated area to replicate the issue. (This data will be cleaned up when completed)
  2. What county is the error occurring in?
  3. Is it the staging or production application?
  4. Screenshots of error and/or debug log messages.