Update – Milestone 1 & 2 Enhancements

Milestone 1:

  1. Change trap type for Mex FF from MX to MP

When trappers place traps in the field, the trap IDs can use the proposed identification code in the ID generation process. The example provided is for Mexican Fruit Fly traps which use McPhail traps. When placed in the field now, the traps get an ID of MG343-S-MX. This enhancement will allow the Trap ID to be MG343-S-MP. The admin user can create pests and define an optional override value to be used when generating Trap IDs in the field.

  1. Routes can overlap

This enhancement will provide solution support for overlapping routes. The user can use the Route management tools to create routes that overlap.

  1. Survey Creation Enhancement (workflow and being able to create another survey afterwards)

Add an additional step to the Survey creation tools to assist the user with re-using Survey area options. The form will ask if the user would like to create another Survey with the last user parameters and show the form.

  1. Workload balancing

Workload balancing allows some Surveys to be split up into different weeks. For example, Los Angeles County services Jackson traps every second week but wants to service McPhails every week. With this enhancement, Jackson Surveys can be marked as requiring Workload Balancing. When creating a Route, the areas that fall into week 1 and week 2 balancing can be selected in a similar fashion to how the Books are selected in the administrator application.

Milestone 2:

  1. Subgrid visualization tool

Introduce a new tool to handle visualizations of the subgrid systems on the map. This will allow the users to turn on or off any specific subgrids they want or turn them all off together.

  • View Survey by Route (new and accepted scope)
  1. Display Trap location Heatmap tool

Allow users to filter traps and show heatmap to visualize distribution of traps over an area for a given period.

  1. Data Recovery Tool

When an inspector ends their workday via the End Work tool, it has been observed that errors may occur during this time. Those errors may or may not be related to the underlying services being unavailable. If any errors occur at this time, it is possible that work data may be lost. This enhancement will backup data in the case of errors so it can be added manually at a layer point. The tool needs to backup the data securely and then enable supervisor users to see a list of backups and pick which data to restore.

  1. Manage Surveys (ability to edit surveys)

Allows for surveys to be archived which is a way to nondestructively delete. The proposed tool will allow for administrators to unarchive a survey also.

  1. Disjointed Surveys (selection of disjointed grids)

Allow the administrative users to create surveys using the point tool. The create surveys tool will have a point selection tool. The tool should work in a seamless way so that areas can be selected using a combination of geometry selection methods when picking the ‘Grid’ option.

  1. Trapper Analytics Dashboard & Report

Create a simple dashboard and report to show analytics by route and by station. The user can launch a tool to make selections and see analytics about the state of a route or all routes in a station. When the user is happy with their selection, they can print a report that contains the details of the dashboard.

  1. Work Synchronization (this happens in the background on the trapper app when they end work to confirm whether there’s a duplication of traps)