Updates – Milestone 3 Enhancements

  1. Update Trapper Bulletin Tool

Allows the administrator to update the trapper bulletin (the notes that are associated with a route) without opening up the manage routes tool.

  1. Doodle Layer

Create a layer that allows users to add point graphics to the map to symbolize different points of interest to the trappers in the field. Along with a point symbol, the user should be able to enter a short string of text that can display on the map alongside the point. Trappers can also archive doodles using a feature action after clicking on one.

  1. Re-using Trapping Sites (gray to green with lines)

 When all traps are removed from a site, the site becomes ‘used’. It is visualized to assist trappers in placing traps in dispersed locations to improve trapping efficiency. If there are no suitable locations, trappers may reuse a site early but must override and log a warning. Used trapping sites will change between the two visualizations (grey and green with lines).

  1. Assigning multiple trappers to a vehicle

Ability to assign multiple trappers to a vehicle, including all trappers in a county.

  1. Persistent User Base Setting

Will allow user to edit the following features in the admin viewer and their selection will be saved – Layer visibility, Layer Opacity, Toggle Labels and Label Customization.